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Marketing Opportunities On Social Networking Websites

Soud Alabbasi Posted by

Do Americans spend more time on social sites than Europeans? Apparently, the amount of time spent on social networking sites, such as Facebook, varies quite a bit depending on what country you are in. Not only do people vary in their usage of Facebook by culture, the amount of time spent on the social site varies significantly as well.

Singaporeans spend an average of 39 minutes on Facebook per session, while Americans spend an average of 21 minutes per session. As far as dominance by region, Asia-Pacific dominates the usage of social networking sites for prolonged periods of time; total average is 116 minutes per session on Facebook.

These findings create opportunities for markets and advertising agencies. Digital marketing campaigns can take advantage of these findings, where brands can advertise digitally through the social website to drive traffic.

Small markets are rapidly growing, such as India’s usage of social networking websites; an increase of 88% has been recorded between the years 2010 and 2011 with regards to Facebook’s market share in India. Ankur Shah, CEO and co-founder of Techlightenment, commented: “The power of social networks like Facebook is that in some respects they don’t have any boundaries and make the world a much smaller place. Knowing the market share social networks have in each country and the level of usage is key to social networking success. However, our research shows that the way individuals use social media can and does change according to cultural and personal backgrounds – therefore ‘one size definitely doesn’t fit all’ when it comes to digital.”

Facebook is not the only dominant website in other regions of the world. Singapore might have scored the highest on average time spent on the site per session, but a 3.24% year-on-year increase for Youtube has been also been recorded.

With such an increase in the usage of Facebook, and the significant findings about the average time an individual spends on the social networking site, companies should take advantage of such marketing opportunities; create new target customers and find existing customers on the platform. Small companies can also take the opportunity that Facebook provides for advertising; Facebook gives away $10 million per year of free advertising.

About the Author: Soud is a staff writer for the iEntry Network.

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