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An Introduction to the New Facebook Page Changes and iFrames

Don Campbell Posted by

Recently Facebook made some pretty significant changes to the way Facebook Pages work. They changed the appearance of the pages and where the page tabs live, and they also changed the way that you create custom page tabs.

A New Approach for Facebook Page Tabs – iFrame

Previously, to create a Page Tab with custom content, you would use the Facebook FBML app, and paste some HTML-like code in there. It was limited, but pretty easy to do.

Starting March 18, 2011 they moved away from the FBML App, and declared that all new pages need to be created with the new iFrame Tabs for Pages.

Watch the video below for a visual tour of the changes and to see how the new iFrame Tabs for Pages work.

This video is #1 in a series of videos about how to make the most of the new iFrame Tabs for Pages by managing your Facebook Page content in WordPress.

Have you migrated your Facebook page from the FBML App to the iFrames? I’d love to hear your comments and questions below!


About the Author: Don is President and founder of, which provides WordPress Websites and Local Search Marketing solutions and training for small business owners and consultants.Don is a veteran of Silicon Valley Startup Interwoven, where he was created a $5M product line and Microsoft where he was technical evangelist for Office and Office Live. Check out his blog at

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