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Using Google Analytics On Your Facebook Pages

Jon Hines Posted by

The video below is a great quick tutorial on setting up Google Analytics for your Facebook Fan Page. This is approach is way better than just tracking the referring page in your GA. However, there are some steps that you have to follow to set it up. Tal from WebDigi has kindly provided us with the tutorial on this.

Why Should We Track The Facebook Page?

If you’re running a business, its a great idea to setup a business Facebook page. To know what is going on in Facebook, this set up is a must to know. UK WebDigi figured out how to get around Facebook pages to track it. Hats off & buy them a bottle of Guinness!

Why Must You Know?
If your business is active in your community and you’re engaging with your friends and fans in Facebook. Chances are some of that traffic are possibly turning into leads. On the internet, its about expanding your online presences. I’m not talking about SEO, but the more referral traffic you get the better. You want to have more referral traffic than the search engines. Its been reported that Facebook gets more traffic than Google, but this is at an overall picture. So we know Facebook is a big player in getting your business traffic. The reason is online presences again, hope you get the picture.

We’re currently trying this out with Ace Air a air conditioning service company, and Builders Interiors – laminate flooring service as part of their repetoire. Any Q’s let us know!


About the Author: Jon Hines is an SEO/SEM consultant that helps businesses become findable on the internet thru organic search, paid search, and social media since 04. Check out his site at Seattle SEO Services.

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