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Gaining More Visibilty Through Promoted Twitter Accounts

Joe Griffin Posted by

Twitter, the social networking website known to its users for its innovative microblogging service, has publicly announced the launching of its latest feature addition in the form of Promoted Accounts.  

The Promoted accounts launching is expected to cater to businesses that are willing to pay the microblogging company so they would get included in the site’s “Who to Follow” feature. Clearly a social media marketing strategy, employing this kind of advertisement service would generally cause the businesses to enjoy increased exposure from Twitter’s humongous user base.

The service is made possible by a program functioning as an algorithm capable of finding twitter user accounts which share interests that are likely related to the products and services offered by the advertising businesses’ accounts. The latter is “suggested” to the former by the algorithm in order for the business account to be “followed.”

This move would no doubt guarantee profit for Twitter inc., as each Promoted Tweet is estimated to cost around a hundred thousand dollars from each business willing to spread its influence and accessibility online.


About the Author: Joe has over 12 years experience in the search engine marketing industry. He co-founded in 1997, served as a Vice President, Media at iCrossing for 3-years, and sold Submitawebsite to (Nasdaq:WWWW) in April 2007. Joe is Managing Director at iAcquire, and oversees corporate development and business strategy.

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