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Using Rich Snippets To Improve Google Search Results

Doug Caverly Posted by

When arguing that it’s not a monopoly, Google likes to say that its competitors are only a click away.  This idea is perhaps even more applicable to companies that don’t have such a huge “mindshare.”  So if your organization wants searchers to find things on its site, it’s important that you learn to use Rich Snippets properly.

As things stand right now, Rich Snippets will be most useful if your site employs Google Site Search.  This way, Rich Snippets can make sure that visitors conducting searches within your site see not only the information they want, but that they also see it presented in an appealing manner.

A post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog explains, “You can showcase key information, such as image thumbnails, summaries, ratings in your result snippets if you provide the appropriate markup on your pages.”

But Google may well expand the use of Rich Snippets in the future, letting its main search engine pick up on all the same cues.  If so, people who haven’t yet made it to your site would be able to see the same sort of interesting information.

And either way, using Rich Snippets won’t hurt anything.  Leverage them as best you can so long as you have a little spare time.

About the Author: Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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